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Monster Monday #4

DIRE WOLVES *The worst thing you’ll find in the woods… also, the hairiest. Dire Wolves have keen eyesight, move quickly, and have a nasty bite. Caution and avoidance are advised.

Monster Monday #3

GIANT SLIMES *832 fl. oz. of ooze. Giant Slimes are also found in the forest. Bigger and badder than their little green cousins, these goos see further and can take a punch… or stab… or arrow.

Monster Monday #2

SLIMES *Classic bits of goo with terrible depth perception. These little guys are typically found in the forest. Weak and nearsighted, they may not be very intimidating, but be careful, their movement is erratic and unpredictable. Happy Monster Monday everyone!

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Monster Monday #1

FOREST IMPS *Little devils of the forest variety. Mischievous and deadly, they patrol the woods and scout for sneaks. Watch your step! Hey Internet! We’re hard at work on Sneaky Sneaky and in the coming months we hope share a

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