Monster Monday #1

*Little devils of the forest variety. Mischievous and deadly, they patrol the woods and scout for sneaks. Watch your step!

Hey Internet!
We’re hard at work on Sneaky Sneaky and in the coming months we hope share a lot about the game and our development process. To start things off, we’d like to introduce you to Monster Mondays, a weekly showcase of some of the enemies you may encounter in the game. As we move forward some of these will change, but for now we hope you enjoy this sneaky-peek into our growing bestiary.

2014 IGF – Sneaky Sneaky!

So, back in October we entered Sneaky Sneaky in the 2014 Independent Games Festival. It was kind of a tough crunch to get everything wrapped up and show-able, but we really needed it as a milestone. We’ve already made a lot of changes to our plans based on feedback from this build. Safe to say the final version will look even better, but we’re super proud of what we put together for this competition!

Here’s our submission video, and a link to the IGF page!

Sneaky Sneaky IGF from Naiad Entertainment on Vimeo.

IGF Submission Page:
Sneaky Sneaky

We Exist!

We’re finally coming out of stealth-mode to announce the formation of our new company, Naiad Entertainment!

Jay and I have been working together on ‘Sneaky Sneaky’ for the better part of the year, and we’re finally ready to talk about it a bit! Sneaky Sneaky is a turn-based, stealth, adventure game for PC, Mac and iOS early next year.

There will be a lot more info to come as we continue to put the finishing touches on the game, but make no mistake. It’s a thing that’s coming!

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